Have you ever heard a boring or ineffective speaker?
I can help them improve.

Have you ever heard an exciting speaker who engages his audience and keeps them on the edge of their seats?
That’s what I do.

“Robert gets results and helps your speaking skills go from good to great. I highly recommend him both as a speaker and a coach.”

Lefford Fate. American Airman, Speaker, Coach, Director

“Robert brings trust, competence, fun, and results to his speaking and coaching style. After our sessions I always feel better about my communication skills, but more importantly, I feel better about myself as a person.”
David Turk. Founder & CEO, Indiana Market & Catering

My 3 minute video, celebrating Hamilton: the Man and the Musical. In the full, keynote version of this presentation, you’ll learn how Hamilton’s leadership skills can help you in the business world today. 

My 5 minute video on how Financial Services has lifted millions of people from poverty to prosperity. In the keynote version of this presentation, you’ll pick up the tools that can help you attain financial freedom. 

My 3 minute video, from the PBS Great American Read program, discussing Atlas Shrugged. You will learn how virtues such as integrity, independence, honesty, and productiveness lead to happiness in your own life.